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This photo of the start of the 2004 Kirkby Malzeard 10K was taken by Eric Nutter

Course maps

Details (e.g., entry forms and results) of running races (e.g., 5K, 10K, 10M, half marathon), both road races and multi-terrain, near North East England: Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, County Durham, Yorkshire, Cumbria, ... .     Generated: Wed 11 Dec at 06:43:49 GMT

This web page lists those races where someone has provided some information about the route of the race.

Whenever possible, the table below has a link to a web page provided by the organisers of the race that has a map showing the route of the race or provides detailed information about the route. If I've been unable to find such a map, the table may provide a link to the map produced by the course measurer (if there is one on the web). Failing those two possibilities, the table provides a link or links to maps that others have provided. Important: unless the map has been provided by the organisers, the map may be inaccurate or out-of-date. I think those that are in the column OK are accurate whereas I don't know about those that are in the column dunno.

Several years ago, people often used Gmaps-Pedometer to provide course maps. However, with the arrival of new mapping tools, this seems to fallen out of favour. However, in the gpmap columns on this web page there are links to maps at Gmaps-Pedometer. These may be out-of-date.

The date column gives the date when the race will next take place or the date when I have a record of it last taking place. Only races that have taken place on or after 11th December 2016 are included.

datename of raceofficialmeasurer'sothergpmap
1SatAug102019(wo)Man - V - Bargemap
2SunApr0520203 Village 10map
3SunSep222019AGS-Acorn Trail Racemap
4MonApr132020Ackworth Half Marathonmap
5SatMay182019Agden Against Alzheimer'smap
6SunJun302019Ali Brownlee Riverside Runmap
7SatMay272017Allendale Fair 10K Trail Racemap
8SatJul112020Ambleside 23K and 14K Ultimate Trailsmap
9SunJun302019Appleby Rotary 10Kmap
10SunAug042019Arthur James ShakERRmap
11SunSep012019Asda Foundation Middlesbrough 10Kmap
12SunJun212020Aycliffe 10Kgp-map
13SunFeb232020BHF Harewood House Half Marathon and 10Kmap
14SunJun162019Baht'at Trail Marathon and Halfmap
15SunApr052020Baildon Boundary Way Half Marathonmap
16SatApr222017Ben Campbell 5K and 10Kmap
17SatMay182019Bentham Marathonmap
18SatJul212018Big Fun Run 5K - Leedsmap
19SunAug122018Big Fun Run 5K - Sheffieldmap
20SunSep092018Big House Buddy Runmap
21SatJul202019Bingley Show 10Kmap
22SunMar112018Birtley Junior Cross Country Relaysmap
23SunDec012019Blyth Sands Racegp-map
24SunAug192018Bolton Abbey Trail Festivalmap
25SatJul062019Borrowdale Trail Run 21K/13K/5Kmap
26SunNov032019Bradford City Runsmap
27SunOct062019Bramham Park Fun Runmap
28SunNov172019Brampton to Carlisle 10M Road Racemap
29SunAug162020Branches and Bays 10Kmap
30SatSep212019Brandon 9map
31SunJan122020Brass Monkey Half Marathonmap
32SunMay172020Brathay 5Kmap
33SunJan052020Brighouse Resolution 10K and 5Kmap
34SunJul192020Brighouse Running Festivalmap
35SunJul072019Brinsworth 10Kmap
36SatSep092017BrutalFest 10K and 5Kmap
37SunSep102017BrutalFest Half Marathonmap
38SatAug242019Burnsall Feast Sports 10map
39SunJul142019Burton Leonard 10Kmap
40SunMar242019Buttermere 10M Trail Runmap
41SunDec222019CFR Christmas Pudding Racemap
42WedMay132020Carlisle City Urban Trail Runmap
43SunSep012019Carlisle Half Marathon and 10Kmap
44SatMar212020Cartmel Trail Races 18K/10K/5Kmap
45SunJun302019Castle Howard 10K and 5K Trail Racesmap
46SunJul212019Castle Howard Half Marathon and 10Kmap
47SatSep122020Castleton Show Rungp-map
48SunJan132019Cathedral Cross Country Relaysmap
49ThuDec262019Chevin Chasemap
50SatJul202019Chopwell Woods 10K Trail Racemap
51SunSep152019Christine Brass Memorial 5K Racemap
52WedMay132020Clive Cookson 10Kgp-map
53SunMar172019Cockermouth 10Kmap
54SatDec292018Coley Cantermap
55SunJun212020Colne Valley 10K Challengemap
56SatMar212020Coniston 14mapgp-map
57SunJun072020Coniston Marathon/Half Marathon/10K Trail Racesmap
58SatOct032020Coniston Trail Races 15K/10Kmap
59SunMay172020Cookridge Community Runmap
60SunSep222019Coxhoe Trail Runmap
61SunSep222019Cragg Challengemap
62SunOct042020Cusworth 10Kmap
63SunAug112019Darlington 10Kmap
64MonAug262019Denby Dashmap
65SatMar142020Dentdale Runmap and map
66SunSep152019Derwent Dash 10Kmap
67SunJun022019Derwent Reservoir Trail Racesmap
68SunNov012020Derwentwater 10map
69SatSep052020Derwentwater Trail Races 15K/10K/5Kmap
70SunFeb022020Dewsbury 10Kmap
71SunAug252019Doonhamer 10Kmap
72SunMay242020Druridge Bay 10Kmap
73SunApr262020Druridge Bay Marathon and Half Marathonmap
74SunSep222019Dumfries Half Marathonmap
75ThuJul252019Durham City Run 10K and 5Kmap
76SunMay102020Durham Trail 10Mmap
77MonMay272019EGGER Woodland Runmap
78TueApr162019EHH Summer League Race 1 New Ellerby 5map
79TueApr302019EHH Summer League Race 2 Sproatley 6map
80TueMay142019EHH Summer League Race 3 East Park 4map
81TueMay282019EHH Summer League Race 4 Leven 10Kmap
82TueJun112019EHH Summer League Race 5 Sproatley 7map
83TueJun252019EHH Summer League Race 6 Coniston 10Kmap
84TueJul092019EHH Summer League Race 7 Skirlaugh 8map
85TueJul232019EHH Summer League Race 8 Hedon 4map
86WedMay292019Eaglesfield Paddle 5Kmap
87SunMar222020East Hull 20map
88ThuDec262019East Hull Boxing Day 10Kmap
89SunJun282020Eccup 10 Milemap
90SunOct272019Ennerdale Trail Run 25K/10Kmap
91SunMar152020Epilepsy Action Bradford 10Kmap
92SatJul202019Eston Nab Challengemap
93SunMar242019EvenSplits XC Festivalmap
94SunJan262020Ferriby 10map
95SunSep152019Filey 10K Beach Racemap
96SunAug042019Fire Fighters' Fivemap
97SatMar112017FlaminGO! 10Kmap
98WedAug072019Flat Cap 5map
99SunApr142019Flat Caps 10Kmap and map
100SatOct072017Forest and Moors Marathon/Half and Adderstone 10Kmap
101SunOct012017Foston and Thornton-le-Clay 10K and 6Kmap
102SunMay172020Fountains 10Kmap
103SunApr122020Gateshead Half Marathonmap
104SatAug102019Gateshead Trail 10Kmap
105SatJun162018Gibside Marathonmap
106SunSep222019Global Energy Race - Sheffieldmap
107TueJul162019Golden Acre Relaymap
108SunJun092019Goole Riverbank Challengemap
109TueSep012020Gosforth 10Kmap
110SatJun012019Grasmere Gallopmap
111WedSep202017Great Ayton 5Kmap
112SunOct062019Great Cumbrian Runmap
113SunJul072019Great North 10Kmap
114SatSep072019Great North 5Kmap
115SunSep132020Great North Runmap
116SatSep072019Great Tees 10Kmap
117SatSep142019Great Westmorland Trail Racemap
118SunApr122020Guiseley Gallopgp-map
119SunNov032019Guy Fawkes 10map
120SunJun242018Hadrian's Wall Half Marathonmap
121SunJun302019Halifax Marathon and Half Marathonmap
122SunSep302018Haltwhistle Half Marathonmap
123SunOct202019Hamsterley Forest 10K and Half Marathonmap
124SatJul042020Hamsterley Forest Marathon, Half and Relaymap
125SunSep242017Harrogate Haverah Trail Racemap
126SunMar012020Haweswater Half Marathonmap
127SatApr182020Hawkshead Trail Races 16K/10Kmap
128SunAug252019Hawnby 10Kmap
129SunOct182020Heart of Eden Half Marathonmap
130WedJul082020Helen Windsor 10Kmap
131SunApr212019Helmsley 10K Multi Terrain Challengemap
132SatNov072020Helvellyn Trail Races 15K/10K/5Kmap
133WedAug262020Higham Hurtle - Augustmap
134SunAug132017Hoad Hill Marathon and Half Marathonmap
135SunOct012017Holly Hustlemap
136FriJun262020Holme Valley 5 Milermap
137SatSep262020Holme Valley Trail Half Marathonmap
138TueMay072019Holywood Strollmap
139SunOct042020Hopton 10Kmap
140SunApr052020Hornsea 1/3rd Marathonmap
141SunApr232017Hornsea 5K Family Fun Runmap
142SunFeb232020Huddersfield 10Kmap
143ThuJul252019Huddersfield 5K Park Series - Race 4map
144ThuJul262018Huddersfield 5K Park Series - Race 4map
145SunJun022019Huddersfield Marathon and Half Marathonmap
146MonMay252020Huddersfield Town 10Kmap
147SunApr192020Hull 10Kmap
148SunApr192020Hull Half Marathonmap
149SunSep272020Hull Marathonmap
150SunJun282020Humber Bridge Half Marathonmap
151SunJul122020Ilkley Half Marathonmap
152MonMay272019Ilkley Trail Racemap
153SunJul262020James Herriot Country Trail Runmap
154SunSep152019Jim Dingwall 10Kmap
155WedMay102017John Carr 5K Race 2map
156WedMay172017John Carr 5K Race 3map
157SunDec292019Jolly Holly Jog 10Kmap
158SunJul142019Kelso 10Kmap
159SatNov162019Kendal Mountain Festival 10K Trail Runmap
160SatMay092020Kentmere Trail Races 18K/10K/5Kmap
161SunMay032020Keswick Half Marathonmap
162SatOct122019Kielder 10Kmap
163SunOct132019Kielder Half Marathonmap
164SunOct132019Kielder Marathonmap
165SatJan062018Kielder Winter 10 Trail Racemap
166SunJul072019Kilburn 7gp-map
167TueJun042019Kimmy Kantermap
168SunApr262020Kirkbride Half Marathonmap
169SunMay032020Kirkbymoorside 10Kmap
170SatMay112019Kirklees 10K Challengemap
171SunSep222019Knaresborough Crag Rat Runmap
172TueJul022019Lambfoot Loop 10Kmap
173SunJun302019Lambton Runmap
174SatDec072019Langdale Christmas Pudding 10Kmap
175SatOct192019Langdale Half Marathonmap
176SatOct192019Langdale Marathonmap
177WedMay132020Langsett Mid Week Loopmap
178WedJul172019Laxton 10Kmap
179SunJul052020Leeds 10Kmap
180SunOct272019Leeds Abbey Dashmap
181SunDec102017Leeds Christmas 10K Challengemap
182SunMay102020Leeds Half Marathonmap
183TueMay122020Les Allcorn 10Kgp-map
184SunJun302019Lighthouse 10Kmap
185SunJun282020Lindley 10Kmap
186SunFeb162020Liversedge Half Marathonmap
187SunDec152019Loftus Poultry Runmap
188SunMay122019Long Marton Helm Winds 10Kmap
189SunOct062019Love Barrow Running Festival 10Kmap
190SunMay072017Love Later Life 5Kmap
191WedJul042018Maltby Abbey Dashmap
192WedMay022018Maltby Memorial Racemap
193SunJun092019Marsden 10M Challengemap
194SatMar252017Maverick Buff X Series Yorkshire Dalesmap and map
195SatSep142019Meanwood Valley Trail Racemap
196SunMay242020Melmerby (Ripon) 10Kmapgp-map
197SunJan052020Melrose Run off the Christmas Pudding 13.1K Racemap
198SunJan262020Meltham (tough) 10Kmap
199SunMay192019Meridian East Coast 5K and 10 Milermap
200SunNov242019Mo Run - Leedsmap
201SunNov032019Mo Run - Newcastlemap
202SatNov092019Mo Run - Yorkmap
203SunFeb252018Montane Trail 10 Dalemainmap
204TueAug062019Morpeth 10Kmap
205WedJan012020Morpeth 11Kgp-map
206SunOct292017Morpeth to Newcastle Marathon and Halfmap
207SunFeb232020Netherhall 10 Milemap
208SunNov172019Newcastle Town Moor Marathon and Halfmap
209WedJun122019Newmillerdam Quacky Races Fun Runmap
210SunApr122020North Tyneside 10Kgp-map
211SunJan052020North Tyneside Trail 12K (aka Run for Bob)gp-map
212SunMay242020Northallerton 10Kmap
214SunSep012019Northumberland Coastal Marathon/Half Marathonmap
215SunJul192020Northumberland Coastal Rungp-map
216SunMar012020Norton 9map and map
217SatJul012017Osmotherley Trail 20K and 12Kmap
218SatMay042019Over the Odda 10K or 2x5Kmap
219SatJul132019Oxspring Hunshelf Amblemap
220SunDec292019Oxspring Hunshelf Ambles Revengemap
221SunJun302019Penistone 10Kmap
222SunSep222019Penistone Hill Racemap
223SunOct132019Penrith Rotary Club 10Kmap
224SunOct042020Penshaw 10Kmap
225SunJun212020Penshaw Half Marathonmap
226SunMay172020Pier to Pier Runmap
227SunOct042020Pontefract Half Marathonmap
228SunApr072019Port of Blyth 10Kgp-map
229WedJul172019Priory 10Kmap
230SatMay092020Raby Castle 10K/5Kgp-map
231SunMay172020Ravenscar Coastal Half Marathon and 10Kmap
232SatNov302019Ravenstonedale 10K Road Racegp-map
233SunAug042019Ray Harrison Memorial 10K Road Racemap
234SunMar082020Red Hot Toddy 10Kmap
235SunJul142019Red Kite Trail Racemap
236SunMay192019Red Tractor Run 5Mmap
237SunJul282019Redcar 5K and 10K Road Racemap
238SunApr302017Reeth Trail 20K and 10Kmap
239SunJan192020Resolution 10K/5K - Carlislemap
240SunOct132019Richmond Castle 10Kmap
241SunOct012017Rombalds Romp Racemap
242SunNov172019Rother Valley Running Festival - Sundaymap
243SunNov182018Rother Valley Running Festival - Sundaymap
244SunMay122019Rotherham 10Kmap
245SunJul212019Round Donny Runmap
246SunJun302019Round Sheffield Runmap
247WedApr242019Round The Housesmap
248SunNov112018Run Bolton Abbeymap
249SunJul142019Run Bramham 10K and 5Kmap
250SatDec072019Run Cumbria Whinlatter Santa Dash 5K and 2Kmap
251SunMar012020Run Durham Dalton Park 10K and 5Kmap
252WedJun032020Run Durham Dalton Park 5 Milermap
253SatApr252020Run Durham Hamsterley 10Kmap
254SatJul182020Run Durham Hamsterley Forest Half Marathon and Summer 10Kmap
255SunDec082019Run Gateshead Hot Chocolate 5K and 2Kmap
256SunJul052020Run Harrogate 10Kmap
257SunFeb162020Run Newcastle Valentines 10K, 5K and Couples Relaymap
258SunNov242019Run Northumberland BIG 10 Milermap
259SunMar152020Run Northumberland BIG 20 Milermap
260SunJun142020Run Northumberland Bamburgh 10Kmap
261SunJun302019Run Northumberland Coquet 5Kmap
262SunJul052020Run Northumberland Coquet Half Marathon, 10K and Junior Runmap
263SatApr042020Run Northumberland Cragside 10K and 5Kmap
264SunMar152020Run Northumberland Half Marathonmap
265SunOct252020Run Northumberland Hexham 10K and 5Kmap
266WedJun172020Run Northumberland Hexham 5 Milermap
267WedJun262019Run Northumberland Kirkley 10Kmap
268SunJul162017Run Yorkshire Leeds 10Kmap
269SatJul112020Run Yorkshire Roundhay 10Kmap
270SunJul282019Run Yorkshire Ryedale 10Kmap
271SunJul262020Run Yorkshire Ryedale Half Marathon, 10K and 5Kmap
272SunApr262020Run for Wildlife Spring 5Kmap
273TueJun252019Rush around the Rhubarbmap
274SatMay202017Salomon Sunset Series - Leeds 10Kmap
275ThuJul252019Saltaire Stampedemap
276SatDec212019Saltwell 10Kmap
277SunApr142019Sand Dancer 10Kmap
278WedJun102020Sandall Beat 10K Trail Racemap
279SunDec152019Santa's Specialmap
280SatJun062020School Runmap
281SunSep202020Sedgefield Serpentine Racemapgp-map
282SunSep272020Sheffield 10Kmap
283SunOct132019Sheffield City 10Kmap
284SunOct062019Sheffield Endcliffe Park 10K - TenTenTenmap
285SunMar292020Sheffield Half Marathonmap
286SunSep132020Shepley 10Kmap
287SatJun162018Silkstone Shuffle Race 2map
288SatSep222018Silkstone Shuffle Race 3map
289SatDec012018Silkstone Shuffle Race 4 - 2018map
290SunApr282019Silly Hilly Half Marathonmap
291SunFeb232020Snake Lane 10map
292FriJun212019Solstice Sauntermap
293SunJul262020Solway Coast Marathonmap
294SunAug042019South Shields 10map
295SunMar222020South Shields Winter Trail Series Event 6map
296SatMay182019Sowerby Scorcher 10K Multi Terrain Challenge Runmap
297SunSep222019Spadeadam Half Marathonmap
298WedSep022020Spencers Dash - Race 6map and map
299SunDec172017Spennymoor Christmas Fun Runmap
300SunJun032018Spirit of Ringinglow 14Kmap
301SunOct112020St Aidan's Trail Half Marathonmap
302SatSep262020Stairway to Heavenmap
303SunJun212020Staveley Stampede 10Kmap
304SunJan052020Stuart Pailor Memorial Old Monks Trail Racemap
305ThuJul092020Sunderland 5K Road Racegp-map
306SunMay132018Sunderland City 10Kmap
307SatMay092020Sunderland City 5Kmap
308SunMay102020Sunderland City Half Marathon and 10Kmap
309SunSep272020Sutton Park 10Kmap
310SunNov172019Tadcaster 10map
311MonMay062019Tees Barrage 10Kmap
312SunJan122020Temple Newsam 10 - The TNTmap
313SunMar252018Temple Park 5K - Marchmap
314FriMay292020Temple Park 5K - Maymap
315SunOct212018Temple Park 5K - Octobermap
316SunAug252019Teviotdale Harriers 10K and 5Kgp-map
317TueMay212019The 'Hay-O' Trail Racemap
318SunSep152019The Cumberland Ale 10map
319SunJul282019The Rougemont Chasemap
320SunDec152019The Travellers 6map
321SunMar152020Thirsk 10map
322SunSep132020Tholthorpe 10Kmap
323SunNov102019Tommy 10K Memorial Runmap
324SunJun072020Top of the Wolds 10K Challengemap
325SunJul122020Toss O' Coinmap
326SatAug102019Try on the Tynemap
327SunOct152017Turnpike Trot 10K and Rabbit Run 5Kmap
328SunNov082020Ullswater Trail Races 14K/10Kmap
329WedSep042019Ulverston Autumn Charter 5Kmap
330WedAug212019Ulverston Summer 10Kmap
331SunApr192020Vale of York 10map
332SunJul072019Washington RC 5K - The Bottoms Up Cupmap
333SunApr262020Washington Trail 10Kmap
334WedJun192019Weetslade Relaysmap
335SunSep062020Wetherby 10Kmap
336SatMay252019Whinlatter 10Kmap
337TueJul162019Whitehaven Harbourside 5Kmap
338SunMay262019Whitsun Woodland Runmap
339SunOct272019Whixley 5K and 10Kmap
340SatSep282019Wickersley Chasemap
341WedJul102019Willow Miner Trail Racemap
342SunMay172020Windermere Marathonmap
343SunMar292020Windmill 6map
344SunOct272019Wistow 10Kmap
345SunJul052020Withernsea 5map
346ThuDec262019Woodlawn Xmas Pudding Fun Rungp-map
347SunJul072019Yarm Fun Runmap
348SunAug022020York 10Kmap
349TueAug132019York Millennium Bridge 5Kmap
350SatDec072019York Yuletide Trailmap
351SunOct182020Yorkshire 10 Milemap
352SunOct182020Yorkshire Marathonmap
353SatJul202019Yorkshire Wolds Half Marathonmap